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Onsite Spraying, Component Repair and Overhaul Services


Our on-site spraying and component coating and repair services are suited to the processing of plant equipment which cannot be moved due to size or fixed installation. Our customers are typically in the aerospace, oil, gas, chemical and power generation industries covering MRO work for example aircraft and steam turbine repairs but also welded structures such as bridges, storage vessels and damaged street furniture and other architectural applications.  In addition processing plants such as steel and paper mills, mining facilities and food processing.

Our experienced component repair crews will meet the same stringent quality approvals and procedures followed in our own finishing process facilities to meet our customer’s industry specifications, minimizing down time, reducing maintenance, logistic and shipping costs for oversize equipment. Our people can be mobilised at short notice anywhere worldwide.

Typical component repairs services for on-site work include:

  • Fatigue
  • Fretting fatigue
  • Cavitation corrosion
  • Forming or correcting shape of distorted components
  • Stress corrosion cracking
  • Corrosion generally
  • Exfoliation corrosion
  • Filiform corrosion

Metal Surface Treatments used for on-site repairs

Controlled shot peening

Controlled Shot Peening re-introduces beneficial residual compressive stresses lost through corrosion, erosion, wear and potentially thermal or stress overload. In these situations it is necessary to re-introduce those beneficial stresses in the same manner as initially applied to ensure identical performance. Sometimes it is necessary to repeat processing as initially applied via fully mechanised or even robotic processing – all within the capability of Ƶ Surface Technologies.

Controlled search peeningSM

Developed from controlled shot peening, this process searches for sub-surface exfoliation, exposing structures with reduced strength by inducing surface compressive stresses. This stretches and yields the outer material and any visible blistering and flaking at the surface indicate the existence of exfoliation corrosion that is selectively attacking the aluminium substrate via the grain boundaries. Dressing to remove exfoliation and subsequent inspection with search peening again may reveal further fresh areas of exfoliation and/or other visible surface corrosion which may require repeated processing.

It is essential that after any corrosion removal and blending that beneficial compressive stresses are restored to the component by controlled peening.

Flapper or roto peening

This process is a highly effective, clean and a quick alternative to controlled shot peening used after blending to restore the beneficial compressive stresses. Components can be treated in situ and no masking is required making it ideal for small areas of repair in critical components reducing maintenance costs and downtime. It is not as effective as controlled shot peening but in specific cases an acceptable alternative.