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Component Coating and Repair Services

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Component Coating and Repair Services (“CCRS”) are specialists in coatings and repair services for both new manufacture and the overhaul of steam/gas turbine and aerospace components, services include overlay and diffused coatings, vacuum brazing and a full range of Ipcote coatings for protection against corrosion and erosion, anti-fouling and dry film lubrication.

Our coatings and repair services can be typically applied to a wide range of parts including flame tubes, turbine blades, nozzle guide vanes for customers including Rolls-Royce, Siemens and G.E.

CCRS Glasgow facility can also provide specialised coatings for the oil and gas industry to protect a wide range of subsea components and fasteners from corrosion, erosion fatigue and failure.

Established in 1995, and acquired by Ƶ in January 2014, CCRS has grown to become a highly reliable and innovative service company, with a dedicated and highly skilled workforce currently operating out of Glasgow and Alfreton, Derbyshire.

Approvals include AS9100 Rev D, NADCAP and ISO 9001:2008
Glasgow and Alfreton’s Approvals

Our range of component coatings includes diffusion and sacrificial coatings.

Typical applications include:

  • Compressor blades and vane tips
  • Repair of combustion and flame tubes
  • Replacement of honeycomb seals
  • Turbine blades, vanes and NGVs – recoat
  • Nose cones
  • Intake snouts
  • Vane covers
  • Rings, seals and bolts

Services we provide:

Component Coating and Repair Services (“CCRS”) have developed a full range of coating systems to protect turbine components from erosion and corrosion typically operating in high temperatures. In addition to new manufacture CCRS also specialise in the repair and overhaul of components.

1. Coating Services

2. Branded Coating Alternatives (SERMETEL®)

Branded Coatings

Sermetel Coating Alternative

Benefits and Applications

IPCOTE 9183SermeTel® W & WFXHeat resistant, corrosion and oxidation protection sacrificial aluminium coating for turbine blades, rotors, shafts and landing gear
LC900SermeTel® 1129Low chrome
IPSEAL 9184SermeTel® 570AInorganic electrically non-conductive barrier seal
K900Teflon SAnti fouling, high erosion
J900SermeTel® 5380Low Chrome Sealant
IPAL 1041SermaLoy® J
Smoothseal 9444SermeTel® 5380DP/1141,2241Inorganic protective coating with ultra smooth finish
IPCOTE AND IPSEAL 9184for Landing GearInorganic protective coating
V900SermeTel® S4000
IP PL237-R1Molykote 3400ADry Film Lubricant
IP9136/R1PL239, AFS473Dry Film Lubricant

3. Repair Services

Component Coating and Repair Services (“CCRS”) facility offers component repair and refurbishment of gas turbine and compressor parts including blades, flame tubes, nozzle guide vanes and other turbine components.

In addition, CCRS also specialises in coatings including diffusion and sacrificial coatings and have recently extended their capabilities to include HVOF and plasma thermal spray technology.

CCRS also has experience in providing repairs to Rolls Royce RB211, Avon, Olympus, Allison 501, Siemens (Ruston TA, TB and RT engines) and Solar gas turbines.




E192874-103Support RingRepair and Recoat
E192867-101Ist Stage NozzleRepair and Recoat
All StagesInlet Guide VanesRecoat
E136201-2Bearing SealRepair
E306536-10NGV,S Stg 1,2&3Repair and Recoat
E160171-3Turbine BladesRepair and Recoat
198434-102Combustion ChamberRepair
E136064-000Bladed Rotor DiscRepair and Recoat
All StagesCompressor RotorRecoat
E194062-500Shaft & Bladed DiscRepair and Recoat
E219510-1Clamp RingsRecoat
E136385-100Ist Stage DiaphragmRepair
E136398-1Inner SealRepair
E13689-1NGV Seal CarrierRepair
GE MS500PEFrame 5 BucketsRepair/New Manufacture
SIEMENSSeal Mask Moulds
Engine Support
Machining Forged Rings
New Manufacture
New Manufacture
New Manufacture
New Manufacture

4. Surface treatments

Component Coating and Repair Services (“CCRS”) also offer the following services:

  • Bonding systems
  • Cleaning & Blasting: Chemical Cleaning & Dry Grit Blasting
  • Machining, milling, turning and grinding
  • CMM Inspection and NDT material testing services, including laboratory reports
  • Onsite services including training
  • Alochrom Plating
  • Oil & gas treatments: Phosphating
  • Dressing and blending of compressor and turbine blades
  • Heat Treatment
  • Super Polishing – C.A.S.E. Isotropic Super Finishing
  • Welding: Tungsten inert gas (TIG) and Spot and Stitch
  • Technical support and writing of repair schemes

5. Onsite Services

Onsite Services CWST
Component Coating and Repair Services’ on-site service are suited  to plant equipment processing which cannot be moved due to size or fixed installation. Our typical customers are in the aerospace, oil, gas, chemical and power generation industries; covering MRO work (for example, aircraft and steam turbine repairs) but also welded structures such as bridges, storage vessels and damaged street furniture and other architectural applications. In addition, processing plants – such as steel and paper mills, mining facilities and food processing.

Our experienced teams will meet the same, stringent quality approvals and procedures followed in our own processing facilities to meet the customer’s industry specifications, reducing down time, reducing maintenance, logistic and shipping costs for oversize equipment. Our people can be mobilized at short notice anywhere worldwide.